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ooh, shiny

hopelessly addicted to verbiage

27 February
For anyone who cares about such things, I am well over 18 years old.

The rest of this, including my interests, are likely to be horribly out-of-date. Sorry. I almost never look at my profile page, so I almost never think to update it. I can also be found @dreamwidth

This is the relatively new(ly active) journal of relatively-less-new fangirl.

I'm starting to keep track of what I like now, as well as trying to fill in what I liked then, including the people whose journals I've enjoyed lurking around from time to time in the past.

If you're reading this because I've friended you, I probably did so because I admire the way you express yourself. I will not be the tiniest bit offended if you don't friend me back, I will still think you're cool, and either way I am unlikely to bother you.