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A sticky post, for the belated record

I'm not gone - I've just changed my default security over here from public to friends because I got tired of having to swing the spam-hammer, and both my phone and I have several issues with the livejournal user interface.

As of this posting, I'm still checking LJ daily for communities and that sort of stuff, for whatever that's worth.

If you've located me somehow-else and would like to be friends, or would like to check before committing, pretty much all of my ramblings are available unlocked over on dreamwidth, same username.
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So now that I can admit to having watched Smokin' Aces on December 22nd... Have you seen this movie? It's got Chris Pine in it, so I imagine that *someone* has to have.

To say that it's violent is, like, the bare minimum of compliance with warning for violence, but it's... sort of mad-cap? I don't know, I really like it, and I want people to write fictions for it. Possibly of the fix-it variety. Isn't there a movie (or a TV show... or possibly I'm remembering fanfic, IDK) where someone says that the ending of Thelma and Louise is ambiguous? It's like that.

Anywho, I wrote two things! One of which was tied for the record of least-read thing on the archive for several days:
Smokin' Aces (2006): one day here and the next day gone (1741 words) by faviconhealingmirth
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Characters: Hollis Elmore, Richard Messner
Summary: Weirdest fuckin' road trip of his life, no lie.

And one which was not, but which probably demonstrates all of my previously-mentioned confusion about Eric Dane and Bradley Cooper in Valentine's Day:
Valentine's Day (2010): play by play (3733 words) by faviconhealingmirth
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Relationships: Sean Jackson/Holden Wilson
Summary: Four chances that Sean let pass him by, and one time when Holden didn't return the favor.

And now that I can admit that I wrote them, they also both have flashfic sequels, courtesy of prompts at [community profile] 15_minute_ficlets:

less-lonely (406 words) by faviconhealingmirth
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Relationships: Hollis Elmore/Richard Messner
Summary: The less Hollis said, the more of Ricky's time he got.

february 15th (278 words) by faviconhealingmirth
Rating: General Audiences
Relationships: Sean Jackson/Holden Wilson
Summary: For Sean, waking up on February 15th was literally unlike waking up on any other morning of his life.


The internet and I are on a break, sort of, except that I'm still hung up on Facebook and LJ and DW, so I'm somewhat obsessively keeping up with reading and bookmarking for later (because OMG what if I miss something important!?) but then not interacting with any of the above in any meaningful, non-creepy way.

Luckily, I have never had an actual relationship like that.

I'm mainly stopping by to say that The Town is like catnip for me. I watched it on a plane yesterday, and I totally want to see it again now please, but I haven't the time. My infatuation with this movie is entirely Ben Affleck's fault, but not necessarily this Ben Affleck (though I thought he was really good in it). No, I place the blame solidly at the feet of Good Will Hunting, which was my favorite thing ever for a time when I was in my formative grown-up movie-watching years. That means I can blame Matt Damon, too.

Speaking of, did anyone else see that Mayne Event before the Superbowl with Matt Damon? The one about Packer's coach Mike McCarthy abandoning his roots in Steelers country? I do enjoy Matt Damon being amusing.
Oh, and also! Justin Guarini (yes, of American Idol and From Justin to Kelly fame) is joining the cast of American Idiot as Will on March 1st.

Feb 27th is Billie Joe's last night in this run as St. Jimmy, and I wasn't going to go because I sort of don't care? But now it is also John Gallagher Jr. and Will Esper's last night, and I think I might regret if I missed that.

Also, okay, this is a whole thing. Christina Sajous is leaving the night before that, so the 27th is Libby Winter's first night as the permanent Extraordinary Girl, which... I like Libby and all but she doesn't strike me as interesting in any way. And I am honestly not sure how I feel about a white girl (in a mostly white cast) taking over the role that involves being dressed like an I Dream of Jeannie reject of harem cliche. I always felt that Christina was too awesome for the role. I wanted to be sold on why the Extraordinary Girl was so extraordinary (and am sort of still waiting for that to happen, fandom, though I haven't even read half of the American Idiot Yuletide fics and have missed a few since then, so maybe it's already out there. I wanted American Idiot to have more Women Being Awesome, basically. Short of a massive expansion of the story (maybe in this movie people keep talking about?) that's not going to happen, but I really feel like Libby's promotion is a step backwards from that.

I'm sure I will be passing judgment on that shortly. Also, I have a whole thing to type up about Melissa Ethridge's performance as St. Jimmy, but it's languishing, unfinished.

Speaking of Women Being Awesome: Why do I not have a Whatsername icon? There's a project for this afternoon.
And now I'm late for work.
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You ever have one of those days when you're watching White Collar and you're sure that the guest villain was the boyfriend in a John Hughes movie, but you can't quite remember which one? Just me?

(I hadn't really thought about it before, but it's sort of awesome/horrible how completely incidental the boyfriends in question are to Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles. Just like all of the best teenage crushes.)

I slept for over twenty hours yesterday, on top of the sixteen the day before. The fact that my cat spent all day next to me could be seen as sweet, or as that thing where animals know someone is sick, except I think it was just that he was really hungry and probably tried to wake me up a few times before giving up and going into hibernation mode in a location where he would be sure to notice if I moved. Smart cat.

Anyway, the point is that it was a significant effort to stay awake long enough for White Collar to start tonight, but hoo boy, was it worth it. ♥
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catchy song! with a message!

Icon wholly unrelated to the subject of this entry. I just haven't used it in forever because I am so behind on The Daily Show.

I slept, like, all day. And now I am not excelling at being productive, because there are things on the internet.

Behind Closed Doors (Acapella) by Matt Fishel on MySpace.

It's like a perfect storm of... something. Why isn't everyone this clever? Why am I not this clever?

Why am I friends with so many people on Facebook to whom I would need to explain satire?

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The Cape - anyone watching this?

An honest cop on a corrupt police force is framed for a series of murders and presumed dead. Forced into hiding and desperate to reunite with his wife and son, he recreates himself as a caped hero, determined to bring justice back to the city he loves.

During the NBC coverage of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the person interviewing Summer Glau and David Lyons, who clearly had not seen the promo materials, asked if there would be romantic tension between their characters. That would be a no.

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They're having a Submit Your Villain contest through January 28th.

(PRIZE: There will be one (1) prize awarded ("Prize") to the Winner, consisting of the following: 1) an interpretation of the Winner's Entry will appear in one (1) episode of The Cape as a sketch or photo in the background, or in a manner subject to the sole discretion of Sponsor ("Appearance"); and 2) five hundred dollars ($500) awarded in the form of a check made payable to the Winner, or in a form determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion ("Check"). The estimated retail value ("ERV") of the Appearance is zero dollars ($0). The ERV of the Check is five hundred dollars ($500). The ERV of the total Prize is five hundred dollars ($500).


Made an enormous mistake at work, fell down and skinned my knee, then got home to a letter from the IRS indicating that I had totally effed up last year's tax return. Or at least that they think I effed up, which might be worse, if I have to argue with them.

So, not feeling terribly inspired to do the couple hundred words of writing I've been doing, which led to browsing my google docs looking for something I could tack on to.

Why do I have 721 words of Arthur/Eames fic where Eames is secretly a werewolf?
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New Year's things

I have had a very posting-in-communities evening. For me, at least.

a poll about Yuletide at yuletide and a post anticipating Live to Dance at [community profile] dance_on_tv, which you should join, if you haven't yet.

I am really glad, though I feel guilty about this, that the wave of recs from yuletide are over with, because I could barely look at my LJ flist without my eyes glazing over, but didn't want to move yuletide off my default view in case something non-rec and interesting was posted. I feel like I missed some legit entries in there this week.
In an occurrence that I doubt will ever happen again, Frank Iero's tweets summed up my New Years Eve...

#1: Whoa new kids on the block, the back street boys, kesha and ryan seacrest all on one stage!? What a fuckin loser convention. Happy new year!

#2: Jeez nivea is all over this holiday like stink on farts.

I was home with TV rather than in Times Square, but I could have been in Times Square if I'd really wanted to be.

Carson Daly, looking eerily like Dick Clarke, definitely won the evening in terms of quality of show on the broadcast networks, but I recorded Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper, and it was the funniest thing I've seen on TV in a looong time. It was a solid hour of Kathy being inappropriate and Anderson saying "no, no, that's not true," and chuckling nervously. So awesome.

I know I've been living under a rock re: MCR, but I was very surprised to see them show up on my network television, and really need to buy that album before a few years pass by, as is my habit.
Also, as I don't think I've mentioned, I fixed my old computer like a total grownup and with significant input from google, and suddenly I have bookmarks and saved vids and whatnot from like three years ago. My love for Counting Crows pretty much knows no bounds, and there was a time when [personal profile] synecdochic's Recovering the Satellites Sam/Cam stories were my favorite thing in the world (they're still way up there, but my fannish world is so bewilderingly large now...) and anyway, I found her Satellites vid, and it made me happy to remember that she had created it.
And now off to keep up with day two of New Year's resolutions, which were to do the push-ups and sit-ups which are well within my physical ability but not my will-power, and to Write Something OMG.
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Yuletide recs, Day One!

(aka the one where I sort the collection by word count, because the idea of tackling the fandom list and reading 100 different (awesome!) shorter fics made my head hurt.)

I spent most of the day in a Benadryl-induced haze, but in between passing out asleep, I read some things! And am now making use of handy-dandy share button on AO3 ♥ for these five stories because I love them so, so much more than I am capable of forming words to describe. *falls over*

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